Funded by a Green Grant from NYU’s Office of Sustainability, the NYU Shanghai REMAKERSPACE is the place where people gather, share knowledge, and work collaboratively with the purpose of reducing waste and looking into sustainable and innovative solutions to minimize the deterioration of the environment in China.

A “Makerspace” is a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to create, explore, and learn. A Re-Makerspace is a place where these endeavours are furthered by a focus on environmental concerns with an aim to creative waste reduction.  This Re-Makerspace provides the necessary equipment, tools and space to support new courses, workshops, and lectures fostering hands-on learning towards the creations of a variety of artifacts that are publicly exhibited giving rise to educational missions. Internally, these missions educate NYU students to develop awareness of environmental issues, as well

as will advocate responsible practices between NYU faculty and staff in an effort to modify attitudes and behavior. Externally, these missions foster community outreach and collaborative relationships with various institutions in China, aiming to empower people by informing them on ways they can make a difference, along with promoting impactful community projects and sustainable local business ideas. The NYU Shanghai Re-Makerspace is an ongoing project founded by Monika Lin, Assistant Arts Professor of Visual Arts and Marcela Godoy, Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media Arts.