Design for People

Talk on Human Centered and Sustainable Design

Wednesday Sept 15 – 13-15 to 14:15 – Room 823
Guest Speaker: Gabriele Tempesta
Design Director at 苏邑设计集团 | SUYI Design Group
Gabriele Tempesta is a multi-disciplinary designer committed to designing products and services that are sustainable and human-centered. He graduated with honors from Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design, and obtained a Master degree in the same subject at Eindhoven University of Technology, with a focus on intelligent products.Over the course of his career, Gabriele has been directly involved in several city furniture and signage design projects for clients such as Xi’an and Shanghai municipalities, China Fortune and Shanghai Urban Design Festival, for which he designed a recycling station for residential compounds. He has also led a number of non-profit projects for One Foundation, among which a low-cost hand washing station for rural areas which has been successfully implemented in Gansu.