Glycerin\ Watermelon Peel

I. Material

Watermelon peelModerate
Potato starch50g

Tools: blender, gauze, pot, oven, rod, and baking sheet.

II. Procedure

1. Slice the watermelon peels into small pieces.

2. Pour the pieces into a blender to crush.

3. Pour the pulp onto the gauze and squeeze out the liquid.

4. Mix and warm up water with potato starch at about 70-90 degrees until all dissolved.

5. Add watermelon peel grounds into the pot until the paster gets elastic and viscous.

6. Apply the pulp onto the baking sheet, and fold the sheet in half to cover the pulp.

7. Roll the rod upon the pulp to make it expand evenly

8. Bake it in the oven at 110 degrees for six hours.

III. Results

Flexibility: 0/10

Elasticity: 0/10

Toughness: 10/10

Fragility: 5/10