Green Shanghai – Neil Patkar

Re-Makerspace Lunchtime Talk

Monday, September 16, 12:00-13:00, Room 825

This was our first Lunchtime Talk. Student Neil Patkar, President of Green Shanghai, talked about Green Shanghai and their plans to change NYU Shanghai this year in sustainable and far-reaching ways. He addressed the major event plans and their intended impact. In addition, he introduced the Plastic Task Force and what it will be doing this semester.
Speaker Bio:
Neil Patkar is an NYU Shanghai student from Atlanta, Georgia, studying Business and Finance and minoring in Environmental Science. He has previously been a co-leader in LERIG, an investment club focused on investing in SRCs (Socially Responsible Companies), to promote sustainable business practices. As President of Green Shanghai, he hopes to bridge the gap between environmentalism and daily living in the NYU Shanghai community.

A healthy, home-made lunch made by us was served with vegetarian with vegan options.