Watermelon Peel\Potato Starch & Glycerin

I.  Material

Ingredient: watermelon peels, water, vinegar, glycerin, and potato starch.

Tools: blender, bowl, gauze, pot, and mold.

II. Procedure

1. Slice the watermelon peels into small pieces.

2. Pour the pieces into a blender to crush.

3. Pour the pulp onto the gauze and squeeze out the liquid.

4. Mix and warm up water with potato starch at about 90 degree .

5. Add watermelon peel grounds and glycerin into the pot and boil at about 130 degree.

6. After the solution turns viscous, add vinegar and mix.

7. Pour the solution into a mold evenly and wait for a week to dry.

III. Results

Flexibility: High

Elasticity: Low

Fragility: Easy to be torn