Art Feast by Monica Lin

Art Feast: Sustenance and Sustainability

October 9, 12:00-13:00, Room 824

A home-made, healthy vegan lunch is provided. Please bring your own beverage.Even as we make conscious choices about our foot-print on the environment, our relationship to food is fraught. Sustainable food is not only about the food itself but about the economic and environmental impact of its production, packaging, distribution and consumption. LIkewise, sustenance is not only about physical necessity but about social relationships. Contemporary artists have used food to make statements: political (especially feminist), economic, and social. This talk-workshop is one such exploratoration. While discussing artists who work with food and social situations, we will eat together, experiment with olfactory memory, and share stories.
Monika Lin is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Arts in Visual Art at NYU Shanghai. Her work focuses on mapping environments and ecologies through found materials, animals, and water.