Carrageenan & Blue Butterfly Pea\ Gauze

I. Material

Gauze1 piece
Blue Butterfly PeaModerate

Note: Add the blue butterfly pea little by little until the solution reaches the expected color.

Tools: Spoon, spatula, pot, heat plate, beaker, scale, an 18cm * 20cm mode.

II. Procedure

1. Cut carrageenan into four to five pieces and add them into water gradually. Stir the solution until carrageenan is almost dissolved.

2. Add glycerin and then blue butterfly pea and stir.

3. Pour the solution into a mold. And in less than 1 minute, layer the gauze amid the solution. Note that this step should be done quickly or the carrageenan will get gelling in minutes.

4. Spray a moderate amount of vinegar onto the surface and make it air-dry for three to four days. This recipe is easy to get molded, while the molded sectors can turn color into pinkish.

III. Results

Flexibility: 4/10

Elasticity: 0/10