Potato Starch

I. Ingredients

Potato Starch2
Water(/Pigment Solution)8

Notes: Do with the same amount twice, but substituting water with pigment solution in the second time. Alter the pigment concentration by the color density you want.

Tools: Spoon, spatula, pot, heat plate, water-proof cloth, and a cylinder.

II. Procedure

1. Mix water with potato starch well at around 130 degree.

2. Mix the glycerin in.

3. Keep stirring until a resistance is felt, and add vinegar in.

4. Pour and spread the starch mix onto the cloth.

5. Repeat the procedures above with the pigment solution and spread it upon the previous layer. You can make about one to three layers of color. Lay the cloth upon a cylinder in creating shape and wrinkles.

III. Results

Flexibility: 2/10

Toughness: 8/10