I. Ingredients and Tools

(10cm×15cm mold)

The amount should be scaled by the size of the mold.

Tools: Electronic scale, 300mL beaker, 5mL pipette, pot, heat plate, and stirring rod.

II. Procedure

1. Mix and stir water, glycerol, and gelatin at medium heat until the gelatin gets dissolved and the solution gets viscous and thicken.

(2. Add pigments on-demand in step 1.)

3. Remove the pot from heat and pour the solution into the mold evenly.

III. Results

Color: transparent

Thickness: 9.4mm

Toughness: medium flexibility but bendable


The result of trial 1 did not form into an evenly flat piece, compared to trial 2, probably for the heat and time for mixing. While in trial 2, small slots of solute and scratches of traces are detectable on the result.

Heat should be slightly adjusted for later tests.