M450(Methyl cellulose)

I. Ingredients and Tools

IngredientAmount(12cm×16cm mold)

The amount should be scaled by the size of the mold.

Tools: Electronic scale, 300mL beaker, 5mL pipette, pot, heat plate, and stirring rod.

II. Procedure

1. Mix and stir water, M450, and glycerin at 170-190°C until M450 gets dissolved and the solution gets vicious. Add small amounts of water when a noticeable amount of it has been evaporated.

(2. Add pigments on-demand in step 1.)

3. Pour the solution into a sieve to sift plumps. Make the bowl beneath to get heated in case the solution gets solid before mold making.

4. Pour the sieved solution into a mold evenly. Spray 75% ethanol and gently strike the mold against table to reduce bubbles.

III. Results

Color: transparent

Thickness: 6.4mm

Toughness: flexible but not tear-resistant


Trial 1 turns to be with a small number of bubbles but noticeable plumps of solute. Trial 2 is dissolved well for tuning the temperature at around 190-195°C, while for I added the ingredients twice halfway, the whole sheet is filled with bubbles.