marcela godoy

Marcela Godoy works as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Media Arts program at NYU Shanghai. As a practice-based researcher, she applies critical making and use fabrication technologies to investigate new possibilities in architecture, open up social reflection, and to propose unique solutions to environmental issues. With a background in architecture and interaction design, her work takes a wide range of research and form. Godoy is particularly interested in the adaptation of architecture in response to human behavior and the environment. She applies computational design thinking as a method to explore the amalgamation of digital and crafting techniques resulting in interactive and kinetic structures, wearables, data physicalization, toys, and up-cycled artifacts, among others. Additionally, she has extensive research and experience in creating interactive projects both in the art and commercial industry. Godoy’s current research focuses on working with discarded materials to design artifacts by employing digital and analog machinery with low environmental impact.

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