Purple Tinted Red Cabbage Dye

I. Material

Red Cabbage1/2 a head, ~400 g
Salt17.06 g
WaterEnough to completely cover cabbage in pot
Tools: Pot, Hot Plate, Glass Jar, Fine Mesh Strainer

II. Procedure

1. Finely chop cabbage into small pieces and place in a pot with salt.

2. Fill pot with enough water to cover the cabbage, bring it to a boil, then simmer for 30 minutes.

3. Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the liquid into a glass jar ensuring to press out any remaining liquid from the cabbage.

4. Let cool, then seal the jar and store in the fridge until ready to use.

III. Results

Purple dye has high pigmentation. Dye transfers to materials in a brighter hue than what it looks like on its own. The smell is still very strong of cabbage and does transfer onto dyed materials. Dye does not keep on the counter, but will stay good in the fridge for around 3-4 weeks. If there is mold on the top, or the smell seems off, it is time to throw it out.